Good security and reduced risks at the European Championship and World Cup

Events like the European Championship and World Cup involve millions of visitors. Those visitors come to have fun, but the organizers have a serious job to do – they must ensure safety and reduce risks. Organizers create walkways for visitors with fences, concrete footing, or screens. This ensures that conflicts and incidents are kept to a minimum.

“Using the right type of fencing makes a big difference to the safety of events such as the UEFA European Football Championship and the FIFA World Cup.”

– Michiel van der Velden

An event where millions of people come together

The organizer of the European Championship or World Cup is the main contractor of the project and must therefore coordinate between all the different suppliers. Our dealers think along with the organizers about the strategic placement of fencing. In the event of an emergency, visitors, athletes, and employees must be relocated quickly and safely. By creating clear routes, organizers prevent too many people from taking a particular route that is too narrow.

Van der Velden: “An example that illustrates the scale of the World Cup well is the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Millions of visitors attend such an event. When so many people come together, the fences of Heras Mobile are of great importance.” The M500 Anti-Climb mobile fences are suitable for terrain enclosure. Unwanted visitors cannot easily enter the stadiums because these construction fences are difficult or impossible to climb over due to the narrow mesh size and vertical pins. Crowds of soccer fans are led in with crowd control barriers.

Thanks to years of experience gained from such events as the European Championship and World Cup, our dealers know what equipment you need to ensure safety.


Creating an experience with tarpaulins

An additional role that organizers have is to provide a unique experience for visitors. One way to do this is to use fencing with tarpaulins on certain parts of the grounds. The organizer of the World Cup in Brazil chose to use green tarpaulins. Not only does this look colorful, it also improves the atmosphere for soccer fans. Moreover, tarpaulins serve to screen off certain areas that visitors do not have access to. It often concerns the spaces reserved for soccer players, trainers, technicians, medical staff, the media, or storage.