About Heras

Heras is a European leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions. We operate in over 24 countries and employ more than 1100 highly skilled experts.

Experts in permanent and temporary perimeter protection

We design, manufacture, install and service temporary and permanent perimeter protection solutions for customers across business, community, industry sectors and the construction sector. Our perimeter protection solutions are comprised of products and services, including demarcation, temporary fencing, entrance control, detection products and integrated systems along with project management, integration, installation, commissioning service and maintenance services.

Our aim is to keep people, places and communities safe through perimeter protection solutions.

Proven track record

Established in 1952, Heras Group has successfully met and exceeded these customer safety and security needs across Europe and worldwide with its permanent fencing solutions. In 1966, the company expanded to include temporary fences. To maintain the leading position, our permanent and temporary fencing systems change with market demands. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the experts in permanent and temporary perimeter protection.

Our ESG commitment

Our world faces many challenges. The cost of living is rising rapidly, the climate is changing, society is becoming increasingly polarized, and we are running out of natural resources – just to name a few. .

At Heras, we take our responsibility to address these global challenges seriously. We want to do our part to meet these challenges – by working together with all our partners in our value chain. Read more on www.heras.com/esg.


Executive Committee

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