Our aim, mission and values

Our mission is to design, manufacture, install and service perimeter protection solutions across business, community and industry sectors. Our aim is to be recognised as Europe’s premium perimeter protection brand. Proven by our reliability, commitment and expertise. These values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave. 

We are Reliable

We are reliable in specification, quality, time and budget. Lives and livelihoods depend on effective perimeter protection. Our customers know that working with Heras means working with a company that does what it says and delivers what it promises.

We are Committed

We are committed to our customers, communities, people and planet. Our business is our people. At Heras safety comes first. All our operations are sustainable. We invest in energy and pollution reduction programs to control our environmental impact. In business we act with integrity and sincerity. The trust of our partners will never be sacrificed in the pursuit of profit.

We are Experts

We are experts in safe, secure perimeter protection. We listen to our customers to learn and understand their safety and security challenges. They are experts in their operations and we are experts in ours. We work together to protect what they value most.