Heras achieves 2 ESG certifications in a short time

We are extremely proud to announce that Heras is part of the 2024 ESG Top-Rated Companies! Sustainalytics, an external research firm and leader in ESG data and reporting, has conducted a comprehensive assessment of our ESG performance that places Heras in the top 10% of our sector.

The rating addresses our impact on people and the environment, both in our own work and in our supply chain. Think about the development of our employees and safety, the environmental impact of our products and services, ethical business practices and human rights (in the chain). On all themes, Heras is at a low or negligible risk level for the entire group and our level of risk management is therefore strong.

But that’s not all. Besides being part of the 2024 ESG Top Rated Companies, we have another achievement to share. Heras has received a group-wide silver medal from Ecovadis, the world’s leading provider of corporate sustainability ratings. Ecovadis compared our performance with that of all rated companies across all sectors in their database and placed Heras in the top 15%.

Achieving a good ESG rating is not only an achievement for our company, but also a recognition of the dedication of our team, our partners and our customers. Together we grasp, together we can achieve a better future.