Heras – an obvious choice for world-leading logistics company DHL

DHL is a world-leading logistics company. In Sweden, Heras has helped to protect the 13,000 sqm area logistic centre with a new traffic plan to make sure it is not possible for unauthorised vehicles to enter the site, but without disrupting the authorised vehicles. Also very important for DHL was to split pedestrians from motorised traffic for more safety for all users. And to ensure the site is continuously in business, they maintain their gates and fences by Heras.

 “We have been working with Heras for a long time and we have a smooth and secure cooperation. Our customers have high demands on TAPA certification and want good quality area protection – therefore Heras is an obvious choice”

– Toni Larsson, at DHL

Separating pedestrians from trucks

After many years, DHL decided to separate pedestrian traffic from motorised traffic, and with the help of Heras, a new industrial fence with sliding gates has been installed around the area. The new fence prevents unauthorised vehicles from entering the site without disrupting the trucks and delivery vans that need to be on site, while directing visitors and staff to the entrance through an enclosed car park with a sliding gate and fencing. The new designed plan for the site both increases security and streamlines deliveries. To make the area more efficient, new folding gates have been installed to ensure smooth and safe transport.

Streamlining traffic flow is fundamental when working in a logistics centre. Huge amounts of trucks are handled here and a folding gate is optimal for efficient and fast handling. When many transports take place simultaneously, it is important that the trucks do not have to wait too long for the gates to open, explains Toni Larsson at DHL.

Service & Maintenance

In addition to both planning and installing the area protection, DHL chose to sign a service agreement with Heras. With the service agreement, DHL is guaranteed an annual maintenance to ensure that the area protection follows and works according to laws and directives. The agreement also includes maintenance of mechanical and electrical components of the gates twice a year – all to ensure functionality and to reduce accidents and downtime.

“With Heras protecting the area, it feels safe to operate as a logistics company. About 260 trucks pass through the gates every day. Therefore, we have time slots where the trucks are planned in, and if this is stopped by a broken gate, it can have a major impact on our business.”

– Toni Larsson, DHL.