Cleanest and most-efficient power station secured by Heras in the UK

Keadby 2 is a new gas-fired power plant that is currently under construction next to Keadby 1 Power Station n in North Lincolnshire. SSE Thermal has partnered with Siemens Energy to introduce first-of-a-kind, high-efficiency gas-fired technology to the UK. When completed, the 835-megawatt-producing Keadby 2 is expected to become the cleanest and most-efficient gas-fired power station in Europe. Careys oversaw the management of the civils package, and Heras successfully tendered for the installation of fencing to create a secure perimeter. Included in this was fencing to secure specific compounds within the site.

The Challenge

The site required a security rated fencing system for the perimeter with pedestrian and vehicle access gates. The project also included fencing and gates for 13 specific internal areas where security was a priority to ensure the safety of site personnel. The restrictions of the site were a huge challenge – because of the strict protocols brought in to ensure social distancing and revised safe working practices in response to Covid-19. This required a bespoke approach to ensure the project was delivered safely, collaboratively and to shifting timescales. Added into the mix was the urgency to install the internal fencing. Another key challenge was that the original specification did not comply with current versions of standards, and a new solution was designed and proposed by the Heras team. The locations of cable trays posed issues for the contractor, and the design had to take into account that the trays were 600 mm off the floor and 500 mm wide.


The Approach

Heras has a ‘safety first’ mantra, and this was at the heart of every aspect from start to finish on what was a challenging site, with challenging restrictions and live power. This focus on safety also extended to the multiple other subcontractors and external trades that were working on site so that everyone could work in safe conditions. This required Heras to demonstrate flexibility and collaboration — especially working to revised schedules and liaising with other subcontractors to support the main contractor.

Positive feedback from the contractor suggests that Heras was originally selected for this project because of the knowledge, expertise and skills of our installation team — these were especially significant because of the complexities that the cable trays posed. This trust in our team was important in enabling us to put forward our expert opinions when a new solution was sought for a specification that complied with the current versions of standards. The Heras team was open and honest and adopted a collaborative and consultative approach all the way through the project.

“Heras was selected for this project because of the knowledge, expertise and skills of the installation team — these were especially significant because of the complexities that the cable trays posed.”

– Ian downie, Project Managers Careys

The Solution

Heras redesigned the fencing configuration and worked with Careys to present this option and its merits — this was approved by the main contractor. As part of the solution, a high-security fencing option was installed with extra security features, and there were complementary vehicle and pedestrian access points. Careys constantly had to assess a range of factors, such as how many people were on site, shift patterns, elongated timescales, reordered tasks and deadlines.

Flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness are what customers have come to expect from Heras . It was imperative to support Careys with tight timescales and ensure the programme of works was delivered on time. Heras prioritised the areas that needed securing and tailored work patterns and schedules to ensure safe working practices in response to Covid-19 restrictions.

Adjustments had to be made to accommodate cable trays (which were 600 mm off the floor and 500 mm wide), so specific sections of the installed panel had to be cut to allow for these and then re-attached to make the sections secure.

The Result

The most important result is that the site had a fully approved, fit-for-purpose SR1- rated fencing system to keep the site secure and fully compliant with the revised specification. Heras and other subcontractors worked together, adopted new working practices and were able to deliver within timescales — despite the world being in the grip of a pandemic. Although the deadline for the project slipped because of the Covid-19 outbreak, subcontractors including Heras worked together to deliver the installation within a reasonable timeframe. Careys said they were “pleased as punch” that the project didn’t stall, despite difficult circumstances.

“It’s been a positive experience working with a fencing contractor who’s been able to come in to do the complex elements of the work on a package basis. It’s good that a big company can react nimbly and work on smaller packages — this has been very helpful.”

– Ian downie, Project Managers Careys

Another significant result is that, given the nature of the site, all the potential danger points were kept secure at all times, so there was never any risk to subcontractors, trades, other onsite workers and power station employees. Careys was impressed at the way Heras was able to respond quickly throughout the project, find solutions to changing situations and adhere to new working methods — while still meeting deadlines and not compromising the safety of people on site.

The Products

The original specification was for a traditional weldmesh fence, but Heras proposed Zenith SR1, a security rated system that comes with LPCB and Secured by Design rated 358 mesh. More than 600m of Zenith SR1 was installed at a height of 2.4 m, with barbwire anticlimb toppings in the external area. There were matching manual double-leaf swing gates for larger access points and smaller single leaf gates for pedestrian access.