Heras Motor Drive

  • Product information

    The Heras Motor Drive (HMD) has been developed by Heras to drive sliding gates such as the Delta, uGate and iGate. Due to the fact that we have developed this product ourselves, we can tailor the drive to your specific gate and to your individual wishes and requirements.

    The low-noise sliding gate drive comes in two versions. The HMD230S is the standard version and has an opening and closing cycle of 0.25 metres per second. If the required level of security necessitates a faster gate drive, we recommend the HMD230A (‘A’ for advanced). This has an opening and closing cycle of 0.5 metres per second. An additional advantage of this drive is the shorter waiting time for users. Combining the gate with access control, an intercom, and/or a CCTV system enables an optimum security situation to be created.