Heras are specialists in designing and supplying physical security measures and controls to site perimeters to protect both users and facilities. Perimeters are typically large and can present an intruder with numerous vulnerable points where chances of a successful or undetected attack are high. A properly designed and implemented perimeter security must:

  • Deter potential attacks
  • Allow authorised access to the site for both pedestrians and vehicles through intended access points
  • Prevent unauthorised access through intended access points
  • Provide an enforceable stand-off to reduce the effectiveness of threats to the perimeter, such as vehicle-borne explosive devices
  • Create early detection of unauthorised attempts to breach site security and then maximise delay time giving more time for responders to act.
  • Provide appropriate facilities to enable security officers to carry out their duties. This should include attack protection
  • Help minimise the risk of collateral damage to people, facilities and infrastructure
  • Work effectively with other security measures in and around the site
  • Minimise the number of potential false alarms that need responding to

Before implementing new perimeter security, or modifying existing measures, Heras will advise why measures are required and how to mitigate the risks faced. This advice will also consider environmental and geographical constraints at the location to ensure measures will function effectively. We are experts in what properly implemented perimeter security measures can deliver, and how to identify what is needed.

Always remember that physical security measures are only part of an effective perimeter solution. They must be implemented in a manner that supports organisational processes, both security and site operation. When designing measures, we understand how internal teams, and support agencies such as the police, can best respond to incidents.

Heras is ready to help you with the choice of a risk-based and effective perimeter security perfectly suited to your location and needs.

We offer Products (DemarcationEntrance control and Detection Systems) and Service (maintenance, Repair and Spare parts) for various markets. These markets include Homeland security, Airports, Prisons, Critical infrastructure, Utilities, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial premises and Industrial areas.

Our demarcation, entrance control and detection systems, plus our expertise, are combined to deliver the total protection solution for your perimeter.

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