Heras has a long tradition in fences and gates. Our mission is to play a decisive role in outdoor security all over the world. How? By developing pioneering techniques, products, services and processes and by joining forces with different partners. We want to excel at developing, producing, installing and maintaining perimeter security, as well as providing targeted advice. Our core values take centre stage in everything we do. Only then can we meet our customers’ changing requirements and efficiently respond to perimeter security issues.

Living and working safely and freely, without a care in the world, is important for people, companies and organisations alike. However, this isn’t as straightforward as it may seem due to increasing individualisation and decreasing respect for others’ properties in our society. This trend is continuing, and therefore there is an increasing demand not only for outdoor security solutions, but also for custom options. We see it as our duty to respond to the ever-changing demands and take on a decisive role in this market.