At Heras, we consider being a good employer to be of vital importance. That is why we have high goals when it comes to safety, wellbeing, and diversity.


Our goal is to have zero fatalities and lost time accidents. People make our company. That is why health and safety are paramount. The same goes for the customers we work for, the suppliers we work with and the communities in which we work.


Our goals are to improve our employee Net Promotor Score (eNPS) with 30 points by 2025. Also, we want to reduce the illness rate and our employee attrition rate with 10% by 2025. We understand that work is an important part of life, and we want our employees to enjoy their work and be happy.


Our goal is to have 20% of every vacant management role filled by a female employee. We value diversity and treat all people with equal respect. That is why we want diverse candidates in our recruitment processes. To reflect this, we are committed to building a more diverse team.