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Mayor Keijzers-Verschelling reopens refurbished Heras head office in Oirschot, the Netherlands

Oirschot Mayor Judith Keijzers-Verschelling and Heras Managing Director Gilles Rabot reopened the completely refurbished Heras head office on Tuesday, 20 February 2018. The iconic building has been adapted to current needs and requirements through the renovation. Space has also been created to accommodate a number of departments in the head office that were until recently located separately in the vicinity. This centralisation optimises the effectiveness of this perimeter protection solutions provider. Pooling the available knowledge in one location furthermore enables Heras to provide its clients with even better advice. 

The refurbishment of the head office is the most visible part of a much larger transformation that Heras is undergoing. The company is currently working actively to achieve a broader positioning that extends beyond its traditional profile as a fencing supplier. Math Rietrae, Country Manager Netherlands at Heras, explains: ‘Companies and government agencies want to secure their locations against external threats for example. But they often do not know how to do this. We increasingly fulfil an advisory role that involves developing, producing and maintaining the best total perimeter protection solutions for our clients. This broader positioning cannot, however, be implemented overnight and the process is consequently still in full progress.’

Innovation and employment

Oirschot Mayor Keijzers-Verschelling: ‘It is imperative for Oirschot to maintain and improve its economic vitality within an innovative and fast-growing region like Brainport. Heras is one of the large companies located in the municipality of Oirschot and it provides innovation and employment. It makes it possible for our residents to work in our municipality as well. We believe as a municipality that it is important for enterprises to be able to conduct enterprise. Heras has become a household name in the Netherlands and far beyond and feels at home in Oirschot. I am proud that Heras is located in Oirschot. I hope we will continue to be partners for a very long time.’

About Heras

Since 1952, the Heras Group has developed from its Dutch roots in fencing into an end-to-end supplier of perimeter protection solutions, operating in 12 countries. Heras is a division of CRH. At present, the group employs more than 1,100 highly skilled experts. Together we design, manufacture, install and service perimeter protection solutions across business, community and industry sectors. The purpose of protection is to keep people, premises and items safe and secure.