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Sustainable cooperation between Heras & Ten Cate

What is it ?

The concept Field in a box is a integrated, ready-to-go solution in one container of 84m3. The container contains the components of a playing field which has the dimensions of 20 x 40 meters, including a artificial surf, soil ground and boarding. The playing field is suitable for different kinds of sports. This concept finds it realization through the collaboration with the partners; Philips, Poly-Ned, Remant Globe, Pentair and Heras.

Field in a box is adjustable for every local community. The container contains different modules which can be added or omitted. Along with the container only one project leader will go to location to set up the project. With user friendly instructions and instruction video, the project leader will explain every step to local employees on how to install every part of the ‘box’. The installation yield a minimum of 1000 working hours. Even more, people are needed to ensure local production and logistic. Different activities will contain to exist: running the community center, maintain construction and management and the coaching and training of sport teams. Moreover, a few non-governmental organizations are connected to Field in a box in order to take care of educational programs.

These programs will be tuned into local needs. Therefore, people are and stay encouraged to develop themselves and also continue to develop which should lead to more jobs. Moreover, a new infrastructure offers new economical and social perspectives.

By adding the module GreenSource to the playing field, it can save water. An filtration system uses the saved water which can be used as drinking water and for irrigation of agriculture and horticulture. Even more, everything in the community center will run on solar power.

Because of innovative, technical solutions only one container is necessary for transportation the field. The container will be used as community building, thus it will stay on the destination. Field in a box ensures that sport is optimally used for personal growth, social cohesion and community spirit. A equitable, more peaceful and sustainable society can be created.

Why Heras?

Heras is a member of Dutch Sports Infrastructure (DSI). The DSI is a cluster of companies which co-operate to create a platform for foreign innovations and ideas around the greatest sport events. TenCate approached Heras with a request if they could help with ‘Field in box’. This is the reason why Heras is involved in the innovative concept and therefore contribute to corporate social responsibility.

What do we supply?

The Heras solution is a leaning fence and a ball catcher with an UNI Security welded mesh. To a complete security and a ball catcher on every 125 cm. The Heras solution will be delivered with integrated goals and an Swinggate. The features of the Heras solution are:

Save: Guaranteed safety, without scratches or injuries; because of the U-shape/profile, the wires do not let loose.

Sustainable: A prolonged solution which contains little maintenance. :

Smart: An easy modular concept with a clear instructions for installation. Moreover, the security compound of Heras reduces the noise. Finally, it is more difficult to climb over the fence and it is resistant to vandalism