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Renewed Heras evokes pride and praise

On 20 February, Oirschot Mayor Judith Keijzers-Verschelling and Heras Managing Director Gilles Rabot reopened the fully renovated Heras main building. Dozens of guests, employees and members of the media were present. To conclude the extensive renovations lasting almost six months, everyone raised their champagne glasses and the Mayor cut the ribbon. Immediately following the official part of the program, guests were invited to tour the refurbished building. The comments were unanimous: ‘It’s beautiful.’

Gilles Rabot said during the ceremony that the renovation of the building that has served as Heras’ headquarter for decades could also be considered ‘iconic’. ‘The building renovation coincided with the ongoing transformation of Heras itself. Although not always visible to the outside world, we’ve implemented a number of key changes in recent years. We have long been recognised as a leading fencing supplier, but we are now also the only company in Europe to offer integrated perimeter protection solutions. These solutions are based on products that are mostly developed and produced in the Netherlands, some of them right here in Oirschot.’

Words of praise
Oirschot Mayor Judith Keijzers-Verschelling was hugely impressed by the renovated building. She addressed the gathering from the entry steps and praised Heras for the role it plays in the local community: ‘I am proud that Heras has chosen Oirschot as their headquarters for so long and naturally hope they will remain in this beautiful location for many years to come. Innovation and entrepreneurship are important to Oirschot and Heras has always been an involved and committed partner in our community.’