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New collaboration between ACES Direct, Heras and HPE

As a leading European supplier of total perimeter protection solutions, Heras is active in six countries. ACES Direct, together with HPE OEM-Heras, assists in the field of network solutions to meet the full security needs and requirements of the customer.

Key Account Manager Mike Fransen works intensively with Heras on behalf of ACES Direct, and according to him, the collaboration is a natural development. “The technology used is rapidly advancing, and as a result, network solutions are increasingly looking to Heras products. We have the network knowledge and associated specialists in house and Heras maps the security needs. Together with the extensive HPE OEM program it is possible to offer the best products, support and training”


According to Mike, ACES Direct will think about the total network solution, and delivery of suitable network switches, servers, workstations and monitors. “It is custom-made, because of this the products have longer lifecycles and faster service in case of problems (within 4 hours). In addition, Heras can use a globally available helpdesk from HPE. That will not only benefit the company, but also the end customer.”

Energy through innovation

Both Jeroen Stabel, Manager of Sales and Solutions from ACES Direct and Harrie van Heeswijk, Solutions Manager from Heras, are proud of the collaboration. According to Jeroen, it fits perfectly into the vision and mission of ACES Direct. “As an organization we get a lot of energy when we help customers with the application of IT technology. We will do that at Heras. We even go a step further by assisting with the introduction of the right IT technology into the end products of Heras. A fantastically beautiful development that I am proud of!”

Bundling knowledge

Harrie also sees how both companies reinforce each other to help the customer even more. “Look at the IoT (Internet of Things) which plays an increasingly important role in business, and also with us. That includes network solutions. We first identify the security need of the customer, then we determine the best solution based on this need. In that process we see a lot of added value in the combined knowledge of Heras, ACES Direct and HPE. In this way, we offer our customers a tailor-made system that works perfectly – not only today but also in ten years’ time.”

More than fencing

Jeroen Huijbregts, Marketing Manager for Heras Netherlands, thinks that most people only know Heras for fences and gates. “That we only put a fence and a gate is the image that sometimes prevails. There is much more technology involved in this –  we also provide camera systems, video management systems, fencing detection and act as a system integrator. For further professionalization of our services and advice, we look for partners that fit our mission to be recognized as a premium brand in perimeter protection. For that you also have to work with premium partners.”