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Heras wins Schiphol periphery protection tender

Heras, the European market leader in perimeter protection, will be responsible for the management, maintenance and new construction of the periphery of Schiphol Nederland B.V. The contract was awarded in late January, 2019. The renewed collaboration will officially commence on 1 April 2019. This tender involves an amount of 18 million euros.

A perfect fit
Dirk-Jan Westendorp, Country Manager Netherlands at Heras: ‘This tender fits us to a tee. We’ve been providing, installing and maintaining all the fences, gates and security systems for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for over thirty years. These periphery solutions separate the secured ‘air side’ of the airport from the ‘land side’ (the area that is freely accessible to passengers and visitors). We ensure that the periphery of the airport remains secure under all circumstances and that maintaining and managing the periphery causes as little disruption as possible to the airport’s processes. We naturally are thrilled to continue our long-term collaboration with Schiphol.’

Opting for quality
The airport is legally required to issue a tender for the security of the periphery. Nils Behr, Contract Manager at Heras: ‘Schiphol very expressly opted for quality, expertise and experience with this tender. Heras emerged as the most suitable partner thanks in part to the quality of the documents we provided and the fact that we underpinned our plans by outlining what we have successfully achieved for Schiphol and other clients in recent years.’

Proud of the cooperation
Heras opened its own office at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in February 2018. All the activities for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are organised through this office. Heras employees who carry out activities at the airport must fulfil the most stringent security requirements and are screened by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Heras is responsible for maintaining more than thirty kilometres of periphery fencing and a hundred gates.

Dirk-Jan Westendorp: ‘We are extremely proud that we will serve as Schiphol Nederland B.V.’s designated partner for the management, maintenance and new construction of the periphery for the next nine years. We are looking forward to continuing this challenging project and to further strengthening the positive and constructive collaboration with all the stakeholders.’

Heras Schiphol