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Heras gates even safer: No-Touch safety edge

Safety comes first at Heras, including the safety of our sliding gates. With the introduction of the No-Touch safety edge, our gates become even safer.

Before, Heras sliding gates detected obstacles and immediately stopped moving when the gate hit vehicles or pedestrians. The No-Touch safety edge detects an obstacle without actually hitting or touching the object. This ensures that moving leafs no longer touch pedestrians or vehicles crossing the leaf. The main advantage is of course that it prevents injury and / or damage to pedestrians, vehicles or the gate itself.

At first, this No-Touch safety edge is now made available as an option for our Delta, uGate and iGate sliding gates. The introduction of this No-Touch safety edge for our sliding gates again underlines Heras’ continuous focus on all aspects of gate safety. For more information on how to install this feature on your gate, please contact via https://www.heras.com/company/contact/