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Growing demand for speedgates: sGate

Heras added a range of high-security bi-fold gate solutions: the sGate bottom guided, sGate top guided and the sGate trackless. The sGate can be opened and closed within seconds and makes the protection of a perimeter safer.

The demand from our customers for speedgates is growing. Customers increasingly want a gate that opens and closes quickly, in order to allow fast and controlled access to their premises. At the same time, they want their perimeter to be properly sealed off in order to keep unauthorised people out. The sGate series combines the speed of a barrier with the security function of a gate, in places where there is no room for conventional swing gates or sliding gates.

Heras is offering three sGate options to suit different areas when speed, space and safety matter. The sGate trackless solution is ideal for locations where an unrestricted height is important and where a bottom track is not convenient, such as sand or stone entrance ways. When a track is convenient the sGate bottom guided is often applied. A top guided sGate is often chosen by our customers when height is restricted, for example in an underground car park. The sGate series can also seamlessly be integrated into the fencing line.

More information about the sGate can be found on your country website. https://www.heras.com/company/contact/