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Field in a box Madrid

Field in a Box project in Madrid

Many places in the world do not offer facilities for young people to play sport, study, and to develop their social skills. These shortcomings can be partially solved with the TenCate concept ‘Field in a box’.
This TenCate concept is an integrated, ready-made solution delivered in a container measuring 84 cubic meters. The container contains all components needed for a 20 x 40 meter sports field, including artificial turf, underlay and boarding. Heras supplied the goals, plus the surrounding spectator fencing mounted with UNI Security Steel mat. These robust components were chosen because they require very little maintenance.
In partnership with Greenfields, Heras recently sent two employees, Gerco and Egbert, to install the first ‘Field in a box’ in Madrid.
Heras is extremely proud of their contribution to this initial project!