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‘My aim is to tap into our employees’ talents more effectively’

Let employees do what they’re good at, tap into their talents and ensure they enjoy their work. ‘That’s when you’re at your best as an organisation,’ says Marlou Sinac. She joined Heras as HR Manager in May 2017. ‘It’s remarkable how exceptionally involved Heras employees are with the company and that they’re experts in their fields.’

She says it is important to make sure you have a well-oiled machine with the right people in the right place. The HR department fulfils a crucial role here. ‘It’s important to our employees that they can continue to develop and that managers recognise this need and support initiatives.’ This is why leadership is a key HR theme at Heras. ‘You see this reflected in the different projects we are working on. They’re ultimately all aimed at enabling us to tap into our employees’ talents as effectively as possible and to achieve further growth as an organisation.’

Have confidence in your employees
Marlou is convinced that the era when managers only supervised is a thing of the past. ‘I believe much more in a modern leadership style whereby people are given the room to shape and direct their own work. So instead of handing out assignments, speak with your team. Explain the direction you’d like to take and ask what they think. You’ll see that they often have valuable additional input or ideas that will ultimately lead to a better result. Everyone benefits from this. This show of confidence gives employees fresh energy and the entire department or organisation fresh knowledge and insights. How we work together is decisive for the effectiveness and success of Heras.’

Work that makes a difference
Heras is a well-known name among clients and the Heras spirit permeates the whole organisation. ‘We want to convey this enthusiasm to future employees! I think we can do a better job of showing the wide range of things we do in the field of perimeter protection. We work for outstanding clients and genuinely contribute to the protection and security of living environments and sites in Europe – for example at airports, schools and prisons. Milou says making a contribution, doing work that is important and lets you make the difference is what people want: ‘And that’s precisely what we have to offer at Heras. We’re also a company that puts a lot of energy into product development and innovations, and we offer ample opportunities for growth.’